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Watercolor Beach Club Expansion

August 25, 2017

The infamous Watercolor Beach Club Expansion has some new renderings!  As I try to cleverly keep you engaged, the photo’s are below.  With the recent expansion approval by the Watercolor Homeowners (we apologize if you were in the camp against the expansion), the Board has set out on a journey to accomplish no simple task.  Take it from an un-named source, “we’ve been working our butts off” to get this thing in a state that everyone will benefit from.  With that being said, let us break down an actual status and rendering for you.  The target for the Beach Club to start construction is now February and as these things go, don’t hold your breath for another delay – although to this lonely writer, it seems the board is starting to find its way and has been making steady progress.  Without further ado, here is a rendering of the New Beach Club:

Watercolor Homes
Rendering of Watercolor Beach Club

Featuring a revamped, full-service restaurant that overlooks the ocean, a gulf front Infiniti pool, a second level sunset porch to view the evasive Florida sunset.

Camp Watercolor Updates

As for the Camp Watercolor upgrades, it’s going to be nothing short of extraordinary and will be a place for kids and* parents to enjoy.  Adding a lazy river, food service, and walk up bar to help keep your sanity.  Don’t forget about the water slide and multiple wade in pools, it will create an incredible atmosphere.  The camp is targeted to start construction around September – October.   See the rendering below and as always, should you have any questions or ideas for how to learn more about Watercolor or 30A, be sure to sign up on our website or reach out!

Camp Watercolor Homes
Rendering of Camp Watercolor Improvements

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